November 2015 Problem Calendars

Algebra 1 (.docx)Algebra 1 November 2015 Preview

Algebra 1 (.pdf)

Álgebra 1 (.docx español)

Álgebra 1 (.pdf español)

Algebra 2 (.docx)Algebra 2 November 2015 Preview

Algebra 2 (.pdf)

Geometry (.docx)Geometry November 2015 Preview

Geometry (.pdf)


4 thoughts on “November 2015 Problem Calendars

  1. I think it’s really awesome that you post these! And in Spanish for Algebra 1, too! Where do you have students do their work? On separate paper, or on the same paper…? Just curious! Thanks for sharing.

    • On a separate piece of paper is what I prefer. A couple manage to squeeze everything on the back of the calendar, but that involves writing really small and not really doing as good a job as I’d like.

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