September 2015 Problem Calendars

After an inexplicable absence during the last school year, problem calendars are back in 2015–2016. My plan is to fill in the missing months and fix all those pesky errors. As always though, if you find errors… please let me know!

I made a few changes in the content of the questions. In particular, on the unit conversion questions I got rid of the information like how many feet are in a mile. I’d like to help my students be more resourceful this year, and that is one step in that direction.

There are no explicit instructions about process being more important than the answer on these, so you’ll need to stress that in class. I remind students that everyone already knows the answer to each of the questions, and that one of the things we’re practicing is explaining our reasoning, thinking, and process. That means, for example, that you have to show all your steps when solving an equation on these, even if you could do it in your head.

Algebra 1 (.docx) Algebra 1 September 2015
Algebra 2 (.docx) Algebra 2 September 2015
Geometry (.docx) Geometry September 2015

4 thoughts on “September 2015 Problem Calendars

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  3. Astonishingly innovative teaching method!
    Perfect for learning in SO many ways: requires cognitive understanding of how to play the game; practice & revision of the skills & knowledge learned; teaches social & communication skills; including playing by rules, as part of a team etc; becoming familiar with a mathematical approach to problem-solving (while learning about game theory by practising it!); & making learning mathematics an ENJOYABLE experience!
    I should add that I’ve not yet met anyone for whom that was the case.
    I have no time to write more, save to be deeply thankful that there ARE still good teachers who care about doing their job well, who have a vocation, passion, for teaching.
    Therefore, also to thank you personally for caring; for thinking up the balloon game &/or perfecting it; for sharing it with others so they can teach effectively; We are grateful. (‘We’ being educators!)

  4. The calendars are an INSPIRED idea, original, a wonderful idea!
    I am particularly grateful for the problems themselves, even more than the calendar: I’ve never had the opportunity to work as a teacher (although qualified) – some of these problems will be perfect for my maths (teaching maths) group online.
    There’s such a choice of maths sites, but it’s still difficult to find interesting, clearly-worded problems & puzzles.
    Many thanks for your generosity in sharing these valuable resources.

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