Function transformations card matching activity

I wanted my students to practice going between graphs, descriptions, and equations for function transformations. So I made this card matching activity. It uses parabolic, cubic, absolute value, and square root equations.

I gave each student their own set of cards and had ’em cut them out. (Took longer than I wanted it to in class, but that’s life.) Students worked alone or with a partner (their choice) to match the appropriate description, equation, and graph cards together into 16 sets of three. We spent about a period and a half on it, including the cutting.

I also gave them a fancy envelope for their notebooks to hold the cards. My hope is that they will revisit these cards before the test and use them as a practice and study aid. Whether they look at the cards again or not, this definitely helped solidify student understanding.


10 thoughts on “Function transformations card matching activity

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  2. Thanks for this activity. My classes enjoyed it and increased their understanding a lot. I also created a page of transformations using (mostly) exponential, logarithmic and reciprocal (y = 1/x) functions since we had just covered those functions. Due to time constraints, I turned it into a matching activity by deleting the answers from the key.

  3. Thanks so much! I haven’t taught transformations for a while and I was going to do something like this myself. Matching activities are great and this is a perfect topic for matching.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I am trying to edit it to my needs though (I’m not doing Dilations) how did you make your graphs?

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