November 2013 Problem Calendars!

Another month has flown by, and with it comes another set of problem calendars. Enjoy, and let me know if you find any errors! This month’s calendars borrow problems from Mrs. Reilly.

Algebra 1 (.docx) alg1nov13preview
Algebra 2 (.docx) alg2nov13preview
Geometry (.docx) geonov13preview

4 thoughts on “November 2013 Problem Calendars!

    • I give mine out on the first day of the month and have students do one problem each night for homework. Sometimes we talk about the problems during class after they’ve done them, but not always. They are due (with all work shown) at the end of the month.

      I know that some teachers use them for their warmup problems too.

      My purpose is to give students review of prior material each night, in hopes they retain it longer than just “for the test”.

    • Yes! I am definitely going to continue making and posting them, but one of my Christmas presents to my students was a month of no calendar :) I’ll be resuming them again in January!

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