Problem Calendars!

I’ve decided to continue for another month with the problem calendars. I think they serve their purpose well: a nightly reminder that the things we learned earlier in the year still exist and are still important to know.

This month’s version of the problem calendars are all review, as opposed to last month which had some preview questions thrown in. My focus shifted a little, toward using these as strictly review. Whether that’s better or not… I don’t know. (Ask me in a month.) Also, none of the questions say “Convince me,” because that is now an expectation in everything that we do in class.

By the way, if you used my calendars last month… I apologize for the errors (all undoubtedly mine)! I think (hope!) I did a better job of making every question have the date as its answer. Let me know if you find any errors.

Algebra 1 (.docx) alg1octoberpreview
Algebra 2 (.docx) alg2octoberpreview
Geometry (.docx) geometryoctoberpreview

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