Problem Calendars!

Heather Kohn posted her calendar project. Then Kathryn Freed posted her warm-up version of the calendar. And now I’m posting my nightly homework version of the calendar.

(The idea is that each problem has the same answer as the date. I ended up tweaking this, because I found it a little constricting. Sometimes the problem just includes the date all over the place but the answer is a graph or other justification.)

One plan I have for homework this year is to be more intentional in allowing (and requiring) students to talk about their homework in class. I had already planned to give students time at the beginning of class to work with their teams to respond to the feedback I left on the previous night’s homework. My new plan is to do the same thing, but to also use the time to talk about the problem that was on the calendar for that day.

I tried to come up with a mix of questions that will (1) be nice review, (2) provide opportunities for multiple solution methods, (3) prompt good discussion in class, and/or (4) suggest later topics. I think some of the questions really do a good job of meeting those goals. I think others could be a lot better, but school starts in 2 days… My hope is that this structure will prove useful and I can make one for each month, so next month’s should be better. Assuming there is a next month’s…

Thanks to Heather and Kathryn for posting their versions. Many of my problems are shamelessly stolen from them.


6 thoughts on “Problem Calendars!

    • Sort of. Right now, students complete the day’s problem the night before (so the homework on the 11th is to complete problem #12). Then, at the beginning of class, I have them discuss with their teams to make sure everyone got a valid solution and to talk about differences in solutions. Sometimes we talk about the problem as a whole class too.

      But I agree that you could easily use it as bell work. I just felt like I wanted more flexibility in the warm-up problems I used on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Would you mind sharing some of your older calendars? I love this idea and would like to see what else you have used:)

    Thank you!

    • This is the first year I’ve done these, so I’m making them up as I go! If you look in the Calendars category, I’ve got September and October posted. November will be up… sometime before the end of October :)

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