Algebra 1 scope and sequence

Many of the same problems that plagued geometry last year also affected algebra 1. The largest of which (to me) was a lack of flow. Just like in geometry, it is easy to teach units in algebra and then only come back to them on a surface level, if at all. So with the new curriculum outline, I wanted to have some sort of logic to the unit order: one unit should hopefully flow to the next somewhat naturally, and later units should build on and use earlier units.

As always, feedback welcomed, and feel free to use and abuse to your heart’s content. If you do make improvements, I’d love to see them!


3 thoughts on “Algebra 1 scope and sequence

  1. Thank you for sharing these documents. You have a hearty list of standards – have you been able to get to all of them in one school year? If so, I’m curious what kind of schedule you use.
    We have a similar scope and sequence, and never seem to be able to get to any statistics. And we don’t address any of the advanced function ideas – inverse, odd/even, composition, etc. I’m very impressed that you can get through this curriculum!

    • I should mention that I’ve never gotten to all of these. Last year, we didn’t talk about quadratics at all. (Although we did do statistics.) Part of this is because the Washington End of Course exams don’t include quadratics but do include statistics.

      Right now we’re in the process of figuring out what to prioritize and what to cut from our high school algebra 1 curriculum. This list was a starting point, based on what was in the standards.

      Personally, I’d like to get to a point where I’m talking more in depth about quadratics and exponentials, but right now we spend most of the year really digging in to linear functions and solving equations.

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